May 12, 2010

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Boom! Bing Passes Yahoo
Image by Diego_3336 via Flickr

Microsoft is continuing it’s ad spending to bring Bing to the market (‘the 100 million dollar baby’). Bing has now an 11.8% share of the query market (source: Comscore) and still gains little slices extra every month. Microsoft differentiates itself from Google with the argument that search can be very confusing and lacks relevance. But as long as Bings market share is beneath 30%, there isn’t serious competition for Google. Breaking laws of common behaviour is a tough challenge, and we should appraise Microsofts attempts to get prepositioned in our minds when it comes to ‘find something’ on the Internet. It’s good for innovation, and ultimately good for all of us.

Although the Internet is in our veins, when it comes to reaching people, the good old TV still is an important medium (“Internet didn’t kill the TV star”). Microsoft will launch a series of commercials to establish Bing as a hero of search overload; Bing & Decide (the decision engine of Microsoft).

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