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I’ve synthesized my skills and expertise of the so-called ‘soft organisations’ (healthcare, education, charity) with those of hard’ entrepreneurship and business development (start-ups, internet agencies, creative/advertising agency, IT company).  I’ve come to believe;

  • that to grow as a business you’ll need to become an adaptive business; listen, understand and engage in conversations – within your company/organisation and with markets, partners and clients;
  • managing roles instead of people;
  • that we can find answers crafting from ‘big & bold’ ideas towards towards effective actions; thinking disruptive, being remarkable but always authentic;
  • entrepreneurship is a verb, not a noun

I’m a grassroots change agent (change manager if you like, ‘macher’ is the word I like).

Maybe I can help. Give it a try and send me an email: folkert(at)independentbrains.nl

My Bio  

Founder The Factor.e (1995 – 2005) When I saw the WWW for the first time (1994), I realized that the Internet would have huge impact on our professional and social life. I decided to be part of that and started with two friends my first internet company (now called theFactor.e or TFE). TFE is a full service internet agency and one of the biggest agencies in the Netherlands. Although I’m not part of this company anymore (I left in 2005), I’m still a huge fan!

MD Interactive Ogilvy Nederland (2005 – 2006) Ogilvy Nederland (part of WPP) is an allround advertising agency working for well-known brands like American Express, Ford, Holland Casino and Britisch American Tabacco (BAT). I was responsible for starting up the interactive unit.

Founder Wowww! (2006 – 2012) I co-foundend Wowww! in January 2007. Wowww! is a leading system integator for Drupal (an open source content management platform) and Java technology. With Drupal we’ve powered webapplications among others for Hallmark, Itho Daalderop, Gemeente Leeuwarden and Plan Nederland. In june 2012 I stepped down from the management board and start something new.

Partner Kalooga (since 2008) In the beginning of 2008 I got involved in a company called Kalooga. Kalooga is a media company delivering visual search content for publishing partners in Europe. The services are build on a proprietary engine for crawling, searching, analyzing and distributing galeries of visual content.

Partner Web-IQ (since 2011) web⋅iq offers technology that enables customers to get objective phenomena insights and use dedicated intelligence products to solve cases. Powered by intelligent targeted crawling of the Public Internet combined with case driven big data expertise

Head of Product/Application Development Bossers & Cnossen (2013) 

Integrator Operations & Development Bossers & Cnossen (2015) In my role of Holacracy Coach I’m responsible for implementing Holacracy within the organisation.

Before I went to the University, I worked for 8 years in the field of Healthcare (Crisis, Forensic, Biological Psychiatry). From 1991-1995 I studied Business Adminstration at the University of Groningen(NL).

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